Saturday, July 18, 2009

My sewing studio, aka my sewing corner

Its been sometime since I blogged... Had a little writer's block here..
Anyway, here are some pictures of my sewing area.. :)

Here is my sewing corner.. I feel really comfortable here, as it is in my living room. My daughter can play and even chat while I sew. I use 2 standing lamps and 1 table lamp to lit the area as there are no permanent lighting in this part. On the right, there is my antique safe and our gohonzon. On the left, there is a pillar which holds our pool cues. My ironing board sits folded in front of it. I do my cutting on the pool table. It is just right in front of the chair on the left bottom corner.

My iron sits right on the sleeve board for light sewing jobs. A tall plastic drawer holds my crafty stuff. My fabric are kept in another room as there is no other space for it here. The pink pail? That is my dustbin.. I got it in France for just 1euro.. Love the color!! And, I only have 1 little sewing machine right now.. Now, I mostly work around my sewing machine's capability. Maybe thats why I was able to come up with those sewing patterns which uses short-cut techniques. Hhaha.. So there, the reason why I can think of all those sewing methods is because of my sad little sewing machine which cannot change the width and length of the stitches and has limited sewing foots, with limited type of stitches.... But no, I am not changing it yet... :)


Julia said...

Fantastic sewing space. So inspirational!

djStoreRoom said...

Ty... I love it!!

Arlene said...

Your sewing space looks so cozy and nice. Also, so neat!! How do you do it? My studio space is always messy! LOL. You must be more organized than me!

Thanks for sharing - I always find it fascinating to see other creative people's work space.