Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it time to Change ACT’s Weekly Contest?

For the past several weeks the Artfire Cafemom Team (ACT), an artist guild on, has been running a weekly contest. A theme is announced to guild members who submit one of their items, which is for sale in their Artfire Studio. A poll is then posted and voting by the general public takes place throughout the weekend, with the winner announced on Monday. The winner receives one week of free advertising on this blog by having their ArtFire rapid card displayed.

It’s a well planned and orchestrated contest. But only a limited number of the guild members have been submitting one of their creations. That was great for those of us having fun with this friendly competition because it gave us a better chance at winning notoriety and free publicity. But one of the comments left on last week’s poll started me thinking about ways to improve or expand the contest.

What if we opened the contest to any artist with a studio on Artfire?

Here are some pros:

ACT would become more visible and better known throughout the Artfire community.

ACT would receive more entries each week, which would mean more variety and excitement for those participating as well as for our readers who vote.

Artist’s outside of ACT who enter the contest would help bring more traffic and readers to this blog.

ACT's membership may increase.

And Here are some possible cons:

We might have to limit the number of entries per week.

.We’d have to post the weekly theme somewhere in Artfire rather than in our Cafemom forum.

Whether you are a member of ACT or not, if you are reading this, we welcome your feedback. Please answer the questions in this quick poll:

Get This - Survey Results -

We’re all ears as we consider making changes to ACT's Weekly Contest. So, if you can think of any additional pros and/or cons, or even just questions or other suggestions, please give us your opinions in the comment section at the end of this article. We’ll let you know in a few weeks if we decide that it is time to change our weekly contest. Meanwhile, it’ll be back to business as usual, so tune in again next weekend and vote for your favorite item right here on the ACT blog.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recommending a simple tool to make a face for your avatar!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick and Easy Recipes for a Summer Day

Now that summer is officially here, the weather is warmer, and kids will soon be home from school, who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen?  If you are like me, you don’t want that, nor do you want to heat up your kitchen with foods cooking a long time on the burners / elements or in the oven.

Here are a couple of recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.  The first one is from Stacey of SWDesigns .  It is for a yummy soup.



2 cups of diced cooked chicken

2 teaspoons of cooking oil

1/2 teaspoon of chopped garlic

1/4 cup of chopped onions

1 teaspoon of chili powder

2 cans of chicken broth  (15 ounces each)

1 cup of water

1 can of black beans - drained ( 15 ounces)

1 can of fiesta corn - this is a blend of corn and peppers ( 15 ounces)

1 cup of cooked macaroni noodles - drained

1 cup of diced tomatoes with green chilies  - your choice of mild or zesty (15 ounces)

Shredded cheese and green onions for garnish


1.  In a large pan, add the oil, chicken, garlic, onions and chili powder.  Saute over medium heat  until the onions begin to brown.

2.  In a large soup pot, combine the chicken broth, water, macaroni noodles, black beans, corn and diced tomatoes.

3.  Add the chicken mixture to the soup, and cook over medium heat  4 or 5 minutes, or until soup is thoroughly heated, stirring frequently.

4.   Spoon into individual serving bowls and top with shredded cheese and sliced green onions.

How about grilling?  I love grilled dishes because they are always tasty and are quick and easy to prepare, with the added advantage of not adding extra heat to the kitchen.  This next one I found on one of my favorite recipe sites:  Allrecipes



4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

1 cup teriyaki sauce

1/4 cup lemon juice

2 teaspoons minced fresh garlic

2 teaspoons sesame oil


1.  Place chicken, teriyaki sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and sesame oil in a large resealable plastic bag. Seal bag, and shake to coat. Place in refrigerator for 24 hours, turning every so often.

2.  Preheat grill for high heat.

3.  Lightly oil the grill grate. Remove chicken from bag, discarding any remaining marinade. Grill for 6 to 8 minutes each side, or until juices run clear when chicken is pierced with a fork.


Makes me want to go out and fire up the barbecue grill right now!  Enjoy these recipes and let us know how they tasted.

Arlene Holtz


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tagging and Google Alerts

I had my blog post all planned out for today but then ran into a snafu when I couldn't get my spotlights to work. In my desperate attempt to find something else to blog about I ran across two articles that I think online sellers may find helpful in optimizing their shops.

The first has to do with tagging your products. We all know how important this is but how many of us actually know what tags to use? I thought I was doing pretty good but when I ran across this article I realized there were a few keywords and ideas that I was leaving out.

The second has to do with Google Alerts. Admittedly I had no idea what google alerts were or what in the heck to do with them but thanks to this article I now do and plan on signing up for them in the near future.

Hope someone else finds this information helpful. Have a great day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day from the Artfire Cafemom Team!

Just taking a little time out to day that we hope that everyone in the United States had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

For many, it's the official beginning of summer! Time for family vacations, beach or river trips and the ever fateful, sunburns!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekly Contest: Let's Go to the Beach

Vote to let us know which item you think best represents this week's Artfire Cafemom Team's contest theme: Let's Go to the Beach.
Learn more about each item by clicking on the photo or the items name below the photo. To go the artist's store, click on the Artfire Studio name.
Voting begins on Saturday and goes through Sunday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leaving Your Name Behind

Whenever you leave any comments at a blog, an article or even the forum, how do you sign off? Do you leave your name? Or even better, your url? Are you consistently doing it? Why not??

Goggle for djStoreRoom, and see for yourself. Some of the links shown were my signature!! Leaving behind your comments and signature really helps in bringing exposure to yourself and your brand!

So, how do we sign off? I have seen many comments. And over time I developed my own signature which includes my name and my blog url and this is how it looks…


Most people do not leave their url behind when they read blogs or post on the forums. I would advise them to do so for each and every comment that they made. When you leave your clickable url behind, some people may just click on it to visit your blog! Imagine the amount of traffic you are wasting! If 10 new persons visited that particular page and read the comments, you have already wasted 10 unique hits!

And, do you limit your comments to just blogs? Of course not!! You can leave comments and your signature everywhere!! On guest books, on forums and even on articles!! Come on, leave your comments and sign off with your name and url now!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 Things to Blog About

 computer_blogging    As I am sitting here contemplating what to write about this week, I am aware that I have procrastinated with starting this today.  In fact, I almost forgot that Wednesday is my day to write a post for our ACT blog.  It is the same for my own art blog.

Whether it is because I find it difficult sometimes to come up with a topic that I think our readers will find interesting, or I am just struggling to find the words to express my thoughts, I am not sure.  I just know that often writing does not come easy to me.

Perhaps others have the same problem and can relate to what I am saying.  I do know that updating a blog regularly is important to attain a good page ranking as well as to keep the interest of the people who do read the blog.  There is nothing worse than enjoying the posts of someone’s blog and suddenly there is nothing new to read for days or weeks.  As a reader of many blogs, I have experienced this for sure.

I decided to brainstorm here with ideas for topics to blog about – anything that pops into my head for those of you who have a blog, have wanted to start a blog, or who have been avoiding starting a blog for this very reason.

Here goes - You can write about:

  1. An activity you were doing today or in the last couple of days
  2. A problem you have been struggling with lately
  3. Some new work you have done (for those of you who are artists, crafters, have your own businesses, etc.)
  4. An interesting article you have read or blog post you saw
  5. A great new movie you saw that really touched you in some way
  6. A news article that you feel is important to talk about
  7. Any seasonal activity or fun experience relevant to the season
  8. A new technique you learned from someone or discovered yourself
  9. Some family issues you encountered that you resolved or feel are thought provoking
  10. An event you are looking forward to
  11. Instructions or suggestions on how to do something – a “how to” article about something you are good at
  12. A new recipe you have tried and found to be delicious
  13. A housekeeping tip that saves time and / or money
  14. A gardening tip
  15. Some ideas on how to grow your business – what has worked for you
  16. Sharing some things that have NOT worked for you in business or in other aspects of your life
  17. A funny story from your life
  18. Reviews of great books you have read and can recommend
  19. Explain some computer skill that you finally have mastered and can share with those that are still struggling
  20. Sharing some artwork that inspires you

Well, that was 20 to start with, and I haven’t even struggled with it.  Hmmm – guess I am going to have to keep this list in front of me every time I need to update this or my own blog.  I have no more excuses!  Nor do you!

Good luck and have fun with it.

Spirit Essence Art

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memorial Day!

Memorial day is soon upon us and that means lots of barbeques are in the works, so whether you are planning for a block party, family get togethether, or are just looking for some great recipes, here's a few to get you started.

Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup ranch dressing
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon minced fresh rosemary
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper, or to taste
1 tablespoon white sugar, or to taste
5 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves -
cut into 1 inch cubes

1. In a medium bowl, stir together the olive oil, ranch dressing, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary, salt, lemon juice, white vinegar, pepper, and sugar. Let stand for 5 minutes. Place chicken in the bowl, and stir to coat with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
2. Preheat the grill for medium-high heat. Thread chicken onto skewers and discard marinade.
3. Lightly oil the grill grate. Grill skewers for 8 to 12 minutes, or until the chicken is no longer pink in the center, and the juices run clear.

Southwestern Pasta Salad
2 (16 ounce) packages rotini pasta
1-1/3 cups vegetable oil
1 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 cup chili powder, or to taste
2 tablespoons and 2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons salt
8 cloves garlic, crushed 6 cups whole kernel corn
4 (15 ounce) cans black beans, drained and
2 cups diced green bell pepper
2 cups diced red bell pepper
2 cups fresh cilantro leaves
4 cups chopped roma (plum) tomatoes

You have scaled this recipe's ingredients to yield a new amount (32). The directions below still refer to the original recipe yield (8).
1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain.
2. In a large bowl combine oil, lime juice, chili powder, cumin, salt and garlic. Stir in pasta and set aside to cool to room temperature, stirring occasionally.
3. Stir in corn, beans, green pepper, red pepper and 1/2 of the cilantro leaves. Spoon onto a platter and garnish with tomatoes and remaining cilantro. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Stars and Stripes Grand Finale Cake
2 pints fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup white sugar
1 (.25 ounce) envelope plain unflavored

2 pints fresh blueberries
1/2 cup white sugar 1 (.25 ounce) envelope plain unflavored

2 (10.75 ounce) loaves angel food cake,
sliced 1 inch thick
2 (8 ounce) tubs frozen whipped topping,

1. Mix half of the strawberries, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1 envelope of gelatin in a bowl. Set aside at room temperature to allow the juices to develop and the sugar and gelatin to dissolve, about 15 minutes. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes on full power, or until gelatin has dissolved. Stir to blend in the gelatin and then mix in the remaining strawberries.
2. In a separate bowl, mash 1 cup of the blue berries with the back of a fork. Stir in 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1 envelope of gelatin. Set aside at room temperature to allow the juices to develop and the sugar and gelatin to dissolve. Heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes to melt the gelatin, then stir to blend. Mix in the remaining blueberries.
3. Cover the bottom and sides of a springform or a tall, removable bottom tube pan tightly with aluminum foil to keep the juices from seeping out.
4. Pour all of the strawberry mixture into the bottom of the cake pan, cover completely with slices of angel food cake, tearing or cutting pieces to fit in a tight layer. Spread 1 container of whipped topping over the first cake layer. Make a second layer of angel food cake, like the first, and pour the blueberry mixture evenly over the top. Arrange the angel food cake in a third layer on top of the blueberries, spread the remaining container of whipped topping on top. Finish the dessert with a final layer of angel food cake.
5. The layered cake will be higher than the edges of your pan. Carefully lay a large piece of aluminum foil over the cake and place a baking sheet on top. Invert the cake, press the cake firmly onto the baking sheet. Weigh down the mold, using pie weights or bags of dry beans or rice; refrigerate 8 hours, or overnight.
6. Soak a kitchen towel in very hot water, wring out excess water, and wrap the towel around the cake pan; let stand for 1 minute. Remove the towel. Holding the pan and plate together, shake the cake back and forth to release it from the sides of the pan. Open the springform ring carefully, or pull back the sides of the tube pan. Do not force the cake to release. If it continues to stick, repeat the procedure with the hot towel.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly Contest: Pinks

ACT's weekly contest theme is Pink. What item best represents Pink? As always, clicking the photo will take you to the product.

Jazzy Jemz: Diaper Clutch

Sisters of the Moon: Yummy Lolita Baby Style Hat

Eddy's Pressies: Sunggle Bunny

DJStoreroom: Pink Henna Garden Large Zip Pouch

Haffina Creations: Pink European Chainmaille

Totally Tyra: Lined Canvas Bag "Angel"

Bows For Baby: Adorable Crochet Beenie

Creations with Heart- Pink Pearls- Sterling Silver Hoops

Mindy's Embroidery: Breast Cancer Awareness Lip Blam Holder Keychain

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Sew BackStitches and TripleStitches - Free Download

Here are 2 free downloadable pdf files specially made to illustrates how to make a back stitch and a triple stitch... I made them to accompany my pdf ebook tutorials.. Here are the direct links:
::: Back Stitch :::
::: Triple Stitches :::

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fused Glass – History and How It’s Made


Fused Glass is a term that describes glass that has been layered or stacked and then fired / melted in a kiln in temperatures between 1100 degrees F to 1500 degrees F. You may also have seen it referred to as kiln-fired glass, warm glass, slumped glass, or dichroic glass. It is a beautiful, innovative art form that combines all the sparkling qualities of stained glass but without the lead lines. Warm glass and slumped glass are explained below. Dichroic glass is what you may have seen in some glass jewelry, where the piece looks very glittery and changes colors. It is a specific type of coating for the glass that was originally made for the space program and now has been adopted by fused glass enthusiasts.

Its applications can be seen in jewelry, window decorations, bowls and platters, as well as decorative art pieces such as wall hangings, clocks, vases and other creations.

My career as an artist started out with stained glass because I love the colors, textures, and sparkle of glass. I gravitated towards fused glass after seeing some of the process and becoming fascinated with the seemingly endless ways to create with glass.


The exact origin / discovery of how to fuse glass is not known for certain, though some scholars believe the ancient Mesopotamians were the first to use the glass fusing and kiln casting techniques beginning from around 2000 to 2500 BC. The Egyptians were thought to have built upon the basic techniques of the Mesopotamians.


These “warm” glass techniques continued to be used and improved by the Greeks and the Romans through the third century BC until the birth of Christ. An important discovery was how to create core formed vessels, which was done by wrapping glass around a core vessel and then heating it to form mosaic and other patterns.

Soon after this time the technique of glassblowing (or “hot glass”) was discovered, which involved forming a vessel by using a long, hollow tube (called a blow-pipe) to shape the molten glass that had been heated in a furnace. Because this technique became more popular due to its efficiency, repeatability, and lower cost, the fused glass techniques all but died out.

It wasn’t until the 19th century AD that the glass-working techniques were rediscovered in Europe, though glass fusing itself was still largely ignored. However, fusing began to regain popularity in the 20th century, especially during the 1960’s until now.

As mentioned above, glass fusing (or “warm glass”) is formed by layering thin pieces of different colored compatible glass and then placing the stack inside a kiln, which is then heated through a series of ramps (rapid heating cycles) until the pieces begin to bond or fuse together. The longer the kiln is held at the maximum temperature, the more thoroughly the glass will fuse.

Glass is considered compatible when all the pieces and layers will expand and contract at the same rate, thereby safeguarding the final piece from shattering or cracking in the kiln or later.

There are basically three temperature ranges:

1) 1100 degrees F to 1250 degrees F is called “slumping” and is the temperature for molding and shaping a flat sheet of glass to a form, like a plate or bowl.

2) 1250 degrees F to 1350 degrees F is the temperature where glass pieces become “tack fused” , i.e. the pieces are attached permanently but you can still see the outlines of the individual pieces and layers. This creates some contours and textures.

3) 1350 degrees F to 1500 degrees F is considered “full fusing” temperature, where the glass is so thoroughly melted together it appears as one solid piece of glass.

Baroque Iridized Vase

Once the desired effect of the glass is attained, the temperature of the kiln is brought down very rapidly to about 1000 degrees F, after which it enters into the phase known as annealing. This is a slow cooling period which allows the glass to “soak” at various temperatures in order to prevent uneven cooling and subsequent breakage, to relieve stress in the superheated glass, creating a strong finished product.

The entire firing process can take up to 20 to 24 hours per firing, depending on the size and thickness of the pieces and the size of the kiln. Creating smaller pieces for jewelry, for example, can be done in a tabletop kiln and the firing stages can go a lot more quickly. I am able to complete such a firing in about 6 hours or less.

Of course, there are many, many specific techniques for the designing and creation of various fused glass art pieces, and this is a simplified overview only.

It is fun to do, sometimes getting unexpected results. It is always exciting to have pieces firing in the kiln and then finally to be able to open the kiln the next day to see the results!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in more detailed instructions, post a comment and let us know what you are interested in.

Spirit Essence Art

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

First off I want to thank everyone who participated in our Open House events and give a shout out to our winners, CONGRATULATIONS! Now with that being said, on to the post of the day, strawberries.

I love strawberries, they are one of my absolute favorite fruits, their red ripe sweetness is absolutely divine. In the past I have just purchased our strawberries at the grocery store or maybe the farmer's market but this past Friday I had the opportunity to visit our local strawberry farm and do some picking of my own. I went with my neighbor, her two little ones, and one of my little ones and what fun we had. The kids had the freedom to run around and of course pick all the strawberries they could hold. They would pick a strawberry, then take a bite, then pick and bite, and on and on! There was even a maze at the end for them to do and as a special treat there were homemade strawberry slushies for them to indulge in. This farm was really amazing and just beautiful...everywhere you looked just fantastic views!

We couldn't have asked for a better time, the weather was perfect, the berries abundant, and even better because they had so many ripe berries they had marked them down to a dollar a pound! I came home with one of these bad boys filled to the rim. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these lovely beauties!

I think first off I'm going to try this recipe from our wonderful Artfire Cafemom Team member Stacey of SWDesigns. I plan on using fresh strawberries instead of the preserves and maybe adding a bit of cream cheese and strawberries to the frosting too. Gotta find a way to use all these berries!

Strawberry Swing Cake

1 box of Moist Supreme Classic White Cake Mix

1 cup of water

1/3 cup of oil

3 eggs

15 ounce ( approximately ) jar of strawberry preserves

8 ounce container of Cool Whip

fresh strawberries for garnish

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Spray bottom and sides of a 13 x 9 inch pan with cooking spray.

3. Combine cake mix, water, oil and eggs in a large bowl. Add 3/4 cups of the strawberry preserves and blend with an electric mixer for 1 minute.

4. Pour batter into the 13 x 9 inch pan and bake according to the cake mix directions.

5. When the cake is cooled, cut it in half and place one of the cakes top side down on a platter.

6. Spread the remaining strawberry preserves on the top of this cake.

7. Place the other half of the cake on top of this cake.

8. Combine the Cool Whip and the white frosting in a large bowl. Mix with an electric

mixer until well blended.

9. Frost sides and top of cake and add fresh strawberries for decoration.

10. Refrigerate until it is served.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

And the winners are.....

Thank you to all those who played and browsed through our Open House. The winners were selected randomly via
And the winners are........

And the winner is.......entry #27

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

And the winner is entry #8

Jazzy Jemz set of Burp Cloths
And the winner is.... entry #9

Creations with Heart : Floral earrings

And the winner is..... entry #2


Bows for Baby: Springtime Bow

And the winner is..... entry #14


Softshell Body Shop: Sampler

And the winner is....


And the winner is....
And the winner is....
And the winner is.....
Congrats to all the winners!!! We will be contacting you and getting your items in the mail this week! If you happen to visit- please leave us your email address, so we can get your addresses!!! Thank you again for entering and supporting Artfire Cafemom Team!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The MAJOR Giveaway!!!!!

Its Wednesday and time for ACT's Open House Major Giveaway!!!!!!!

We have lots of items that we are giving away. Everyone who enters could win one of these 15 items. All are up for grabs!

ACT is also having a huge sale in their stores, you can check out the sale list here.

We are also having a hide and seek challenge. Find letters in participating members shops and enter to win one of 3 $10 gift certificates. For more info click here.

So how do you enter? A comment is all that is necessary. If you comment- please just leave a valid way to contact you- email or website preferred.

You get one comment per day to enter. You can also "earn" more comments by :

1 comment-- twitter and leave your link to your twitter homepage

3 comments--- blog about the giveaway or the sale and leave link

5 comments--- if you enter our hide and seek challenge (click here for info)

20 comments-- if you purchase an item from any ACT member- search artfire cafemom team on artfire to find our items or click the sale list here. (post link to item)

Each comment will be given a cooresponding number and then using a random generator we will pull a number for each giveaway item. Giveaway ends on Saturday. Winners will be drawn and announced on Sunday- so be sure to check back!

Here are the goodies!!! For more info or to see more items from that shop- click the photo!
Diaper Clutch by Jazzy Jemz
This Diaper Clutch is perfect for moms on the go! Convienent and stylish, this diaper clutch can hold diapers and a wipes case. Comes with an attached handle. Throw in your purse for quick trips.
Variety Pack: Soft Shell Body Shop
In this neatly packaged variety pack comes a Gardener & Mechanics Soap Bar, Naughty Nails & Cuticle Care, Honey Mint Flavored Lip Balm and a Lovin' Life Fuffa Food Soap. This package smells so lovely!
Bracelet : SW Designs
This photo does not do this bracelet justice. It is a dark bracelet that has specks of glitter in the light. The clasp on the braclet pulls it all together as it has a classy scrollwork design on it. Perfect for an evening out!
Personalized Lil Chef Hat: Stitch N Love
Wouldn't your little chef look great helping in the kitchen with his or her own personalized chef's hat? Personalized upon discussion with giveaway winner.
Black Crochet Newsboy Cap: Jazzy Jemz
Woman's Newsboy Cap with a Pink flower on the side. Comes with a sturdy bill. Perfect for the modern woman or teen!
PDF Tutorial for a Zip Pouch: DJ Storeroom
This PDF tutorial to make a handmade zip pouch will arrive in via email.
Crystal Gray Bangle- Set of 3: Jewelry by Janzia
Bold silver bangle made with crystal gray czech fire polished beads and silver plated rounds. Much prettier in person. Made with memory wire so one size fits all.
Adorable Stuffed Ox: Eddy's Pressies
Look at this adorable hand knit Ox. So squeezable !
Set of Two Barnyard Burp Cloths: Jazzy Jemz
Soft flannel on one side helps wick moisture away, underside is super absorbant terry cloth.
Floral Earrings: Creations with Heart
Pink trio of flowers adorn these earrings.
Springtime Flower Clip: Bows For Baby
The bow is attached to a 1 3/4" long alligator clip. It comes fully lined and there is a no slip grip on the inside. The ends are heat treated to prevent fraying.
Sample Four Pack: BeSPAlicious
Sample Packs are so much fun! The SPAlicious items are in here smell so wonderful!
Gift Certificates!!!!!
1-- $10 Gift Certificate to Spirit Essence Art
1 --$10 Gift Certificate to Bittersweet Design Studio
1 -- Gift Certificate to pick any 10 items from Diecutz
You get one comment per day to enter. You can also "earn" more comments by :
1 comment-- twitter and leave your link to your twitter homepage
3 comments--- blog about the giveaway or the sale and leave link
5 comments--- if you enter our hide and seek challenge (click here for info)
20 comments-- if you purchase an item from any ACT member- search artfire cafemom team on artfire to find our items or click the sale list here. (post link to item).
Giveaway is closed at 11:59 pm Saturday. Winners will be announced Sunday. ACT team members are prohibited from participating. All participates MUST have a valid email or website we can contact you through.

Thanks for participating!!!