Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tagging and Google Alerts

I had my blog post all planned out for today but then ran into a snafu when I couldn't get my byhand.me spotlights to work. In my desperate attempt to find something else to blog about I ran across two articles that I think online sellers may find helpful in optimizing their shops.

The first has to do with tagging your products. We all know how important this is but how many of us actually know what tags to use? I thought I was doing pretty good but when I ran across this article I realized there were a few keywords and ideas that I was leaving out.

The second has to do with Google Alerts. Admittedly I had no idea what google alerts were or what in the heck to do with them but thanks to this article I now do and plan on signing up for them in the near future.

Hope someone else finds this information helpful. Have a great day!


ByCoco said...

Great tips! Thanks for passing the links on.

Creations With Heart said...

This was a great post! I'm kinda glad you had to think of something else to blog about! he-he-he I'm sure you've helped a ton of people with this! --I'm one of 'em!

Looking forward to your next post!


Arlene said...

Thanks a lot for this little bit of information. I didn't know about it and it certainly looks helpful. I put it into practice right away and it was easy! Yeayy!