Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 Things to Blog About

 computer_blogging    As I am sitting here contemplating what to write about this week, I am aware that I have procrastinated with starting this today.  In fact, I almost forgot that Wednesday is my day to write a post for our ACT blog.  It is the same for my own art blog.

Whether it is because I find it difficult sometimes to come up with a topic that I think our readers will find interesting, or I am just struggling to find the words to express my thoughts, I am not sure.  I just know that often writing does not come easy to me.

Perhaps others have the same problem and can relate to what I am saying.  I do know that updating a blog regularly is important to attain a good page ranking as well as to keep the interest of the people who do read the blog.  There is nothing worse than enjoying the posts of someone’s blog and suddenly there is nothing new to read for days or weeks.  As a reader of many blogs, I have experienced this for sure.

I decided to brainstorm here with ideas for topics to blog about – anything that pops into my head for those of you who have a blog, have wanted to start a blog, or who have been avoiding starting a blog for this very reason.

Here goes - You can write about:

  1. An activity you were doing today or in the last couple of days
  2. A problem you have been struggling with lately
  3. Some new work you have done (for those of you who are artists, crafters, have your own businesses, etc.)
  4. An interesting article you have read or blog post you saw
  5. A great new movie you saw that really touched you in some way
  6. A news article that you feel is important to talk about
  7. Any seasonal activity or fun experience relevant to the season
  8. A new technique you learned from someone or discovered yourself
  9. Some family issues you encountered that you resolved or feel are thought provoking
  10. An event you are looking forward to
  11. Instructions or suggestions on how to do something – a “how to” article about something you are good at
  12. A new recipe you have tried and found to be delicious
  13. A housekeeping tip that saves time and / or money
  14. A gardening tip
  15. Some ideas on how to grow your business – what has worked for you
  16. Sharing some things that have NOT worked for you in business or in other aspects of your life
  17. A funny story from your life
  18. Reviews of great books you have read and can recommend
  19. Explain some computer skill that you finally have mastered and can share with those that are still struggling
  20. Sharing some artwork that inspires you

Well, that was 20 to start with, and I haven’t even struggled with it.  Hmmm – guess I am going to have to keep this list in front of me every time I need to update this or my own blog.  I have no more excuses!  Nor do you!

Good luck and have fun with it.

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Jazzy Jemz said...

A blog about blogging! I love it!

Arlene said...

Well, I figured many of our followers probably own their own blogs too, so if I sometimes struggle with it, it's a sure bet that others do too. It's a good list for myself too!

Creations With Heart said...

Thanks for this wonderful list!! I will certainly use it! =)

ByCoco said...

Great list. Thanks. I'm printing it and keeping it in a notebook so I can write when the mood hits instead of only when I'm sitting in front of my computer.