Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time-Saving Housekeeping Tricks

These days it seems we all have such busy lives, especially us moms! Those of us who are moms AND are trying to be creative and/or run a business at home are especially challenged. House cleaning is not my favorite task to do, though I like being in a clean, tidy space. I just don’t want to spend huge chunks of time to do what it takes to keep it clean. It is a dilemma I am sure a lot of you experience.

Goddess_of_Cleaning_by_bchan I want to share some ideas I have found and things that I do to keep the cleaning time to a minimum while still accomplishing what I want.

For me, the key is multi-tasking! An example: If I am cooking a meal, while it is cooking I will put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher or the drying rack, or I will take the broom and quickly sweep the floor or wipe down the microwave or oven or refrigerator door.

In my bathroom, I keep a sponge and some cleaners under the sink, so right after I am out of the shower, if the toilet or the sink needs a clean, I do it before I leave the bathroom. I do the same thing in the shower stall / tub: Sponge it down while I am still in it anyway, so it doesn’t get to be a big job later on.

Since my laundry room is next door to my art studio room, I usually put in a load of washing while I am creating rather than make a separate trip downstairs to do it.

Also, I am a procrastinator about folding the clean laundry – it tends to sit in the laundry basket for days, getting more and more wrinkled. An idea I have is that I spend even 5 minutes folding as I am getting dressed – even if I don’t finish. At least I am one step closer to having everything folded and put away.

These are some of the things I do, and when I looked up the topic in a Google search, I found this article and was surprised to find that some of what I already do is listed here in some form. There are other good ideas here too: Remember Heloise’s tips for cleaning, etc.? I used to see her column in the newspaper when I had time to read it. I found her online hints and there are some great ideas there too.

I know that if I can do a few extra things each day towards keeping our living space tidy and comfortable without making it a big production, I am satisfied. Hope you find some helpful tips here. Happy housecleaning all!



Creations With Heart said...

Great tips! Guess there's no excuse now right? LOL

Jazzy Jemz said...

Any time saving tips for unpacking? Lol.

These tips are great. Thanks!

djStoreRoom said...

Great article!! I always multi-task... :p