Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing Robin and Caeli from Everyday Moments

I really like Robin's store name; Everyday Moments.
It feels.. so captivating.. and has the impression of a photographer who is always around to capture the important everyday moments that we missed out... Really.. In our busy lives, we are almost always rushing from corner to corner and overlook so many beautiful moments..
Please meet Robin, a mom and a photographer. Her very first camera, the trusty Nikon F was a special gift from her dad when she was 13 and she has been taking pictures ever since...
In her own words, "It is truly my passion. I love to find new ways to share my photos and I am currently working on prints, coasters, and jewelry...and many other possibilities.."
Robin offers Photo Jewelry, Photo Cards and Prints currently and she intends to add more in future. Besides that, I woud like to also mention Caeli, Robin's beautiful 8 year-old daughter who designs and hand-make lovely jewelry in her little Caeli's Corner!!

Specially for you, Robin and Caeli is offering Free shipping until 28th August 2009!! Hurry!!

Check out Robin and Caeli's store at Everyday Moments!


Creations With Heart said...

Your photos are amazing~ I love the giraffe!! Caeli's jewelry is really pretty too! Much success to both of you!
~Julie =]