Friday, August 21, 2009

Vote for "Ret Hot"

Our ACT contest theme for August is "Red Hot" and we have, for your deliberation, eight hot, Hot, HOT, unique handmade works of art from Artfire studios which belong to our members. At first, I was surprised to see that no one entered an artistic rendition of a hot chilli pepper, but then I remembered how creative we all are, and that might have been just too predictable.

After reviewing the submissions below, please vote for your favorite red hot item. Unfortunately, you must pick just one, but feel free to leave comments about the others you liked in the the comment section below. Thanks for helping us to select this months winner.


Handmade Pink and Red Apple Large Zip Pouch (Applique on Linen)

by djStoreRoom


Ray-Lee Manta Ray Sock Drawer Refresher

by Eddy G


Desert Fortress Abstract Watercolor Blazing Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ

by Spirit Essence Art


Red Sweetheart Coffee Cup Cozy

by SubEarthan Cottage


Look Hot Hot Hot in Cherry Red Jewelry Set

by The Blue Beadle


Red Super Soft Scarf with Angel Hair

by With Our Hands


Chainmaille Necklace Fire and Ice Byzantine

by HaffinaCreations


For Any Old Red Hat "Hottie"

by ByCoco



Anonymous said...

Being married to a red hat "hottie" I really like this one.