Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mom Behind the Shop- DJStoreroom

Today we get to learn about another one of our team members. The Mom featured this week is DJStoreroom- Diana. Here answers are so honest and funny too. Thanks for being our Mom Behind the shop this week !

What kinds of items do you sell in your shop: Antiques, e-Tutorials for Handmades, Handmade Bags and Purses, Vintages, Collectibles, Serviette Art Designs and Old Documents.

Tell me a bit about yourself:
I am 26, married with 1 child. I had first-hand experience dealing with Antiques, Vintages, Documents and Artifacts as I have been helping my dad out with his own business since I was 16. When I was 12, I started sewing during home economics and stopped after 4 years. While staying in France, I went back to sewing after my kid was born when I was 23. That same year, I took up serviette art techniques as it was a very popular art in France. Plus, I took up a Penn Foster distance learning course on Dressmaking and Design and graduated from that too.

What made you get into your craft:
Back in Singapore, I went in search for a job and got it. 1 year after, I was too unhappy and decided to leave the job. I started off with offering handmades and e-tutorials at Etsy.Com. And when I read about ArtFire.Com, I went ahead and got myself verified at the site. I decided to make that my main site as I agreed with the overall environment. I dreamt and eventually registered my own business, so that I could tap on my own experiences with all the elements mentioned earlier. And, I started and run it all by myself, with the support of my hubby and family.

Tips for online businesses: Stay happy, healthy and work hard. Success will soon come your way. Be prepared to be firm, professional and friendly.

Tips for moms: If you need to leave your kids some place, while you spend the time working on this business, do it. Get help. Childcare is actually readily available. Try to get neighbors, friends, or even relatives to help for 2hours a day. It can do wonders for you!

What is your favorite place to visit: I miss France!! The place is really beautiful. We could just pack for the weekend, and drive off to other little towns for a holiday anytime. Here in Singapore, we don't do that as it's only a small island.

Your comfort food: Chocolates.

If you were able to do anything in the world, what would it be and why: I want to be 21 years old, every year. That is the loveliest time, where I had the energy and mood to work hard for everything and anything!

Here are some of Diana's favorite items:


djStoreRoom said...

Thanks for the interview. Really glad to be a part of this team!! Hope you all enjoy yourselves here too!!