Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tasty, Time-Saving Recipes!

I don't know about you, but if I am deep into an art or craft project and it gets to the time of day when everyone is hungry for dinner, the last thing I want to do is start cooking a meal that takes too long. Since we haven't had any recipes posted here for a while, I thought I would share with you some that are quick, easy, and delicious.

Here is one that our own Stacey from SWDesigns contributed.


1/2 cups milk

1 box (5.1 ounces) of instant vanilla pudding

1 container (8 ounces) of Cool Whip

1 can of your favorite fruit pie filling (15 ounces to 21 ounces)

1. Pour milk into a large mixing bowl. Using a whisk, mix in the box of instant vanilla pudding. Whisk for around two minutes. The mixture will be thick.

2. Add in the pie filling. Using whisk, mix until blended.

3. Add in the cool whip. Using whisk, mix until blended.

4. Spoon into individual serving dishes, and refrigerate three to four hours before serving.

It looks delicious, doesn't it? So, dessert taken care of. Now how about a main dish that is quick and easy? This next one comes from Jenn, our fearless leader here at Artfire Cafemom Team and owner of JazzyJemz .



1 lb ground sausage - you can use the link Italian sausage and remove the casings

1/2 small onion

1 green pepper

1 clove garlic minced

2 cups frozen mixed veggies

1 zucchini

1 container Homestyle Biscuits by Pillsbury

1 container Chunky Veggie Style by Ragu


Preheat oven to prepare biscuits as stated on the package

Brown the sausage and drain. Add onions, peppers to the pan to get tender.

Once tender, throw in the mixed veggies and garlic. Let cook for 5 minutes. Throw in zucchini.

Once zucchini is tender, add the Chunky Veggie style Ragu. Let simmer until hot.

While mixture is simmering- put biscuits in the oven and cook as directed on package.


Open biscuits on plate, serve sausage mixture over. Eat up!

Alternative servings - serve over pasta or rice- just as scrumptious!

That one works for me - a one-dish meal with your protein, starch, and veggies all in one delicious dish!

Speaking about time saving
, here is a quick and easy way to prepare almost anything you have in your fridge for a tasty dinner meal, that is both delicious and healthy. How about stir frying?! It's really easy and you can use the basic formula with almost any meat and vegetables.



1 lb. boneless beef, chicken, or pork, cut into bite-sized strips or pieces
1 onion, chopped or 1 bunch spring onions, sliced
2 - 3 cloves garlic, minced
Several cups of other vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, asparagus, carrots, celery, etc.
1 cup Chicken, beef, or vegetable stock or, alternatively, small can of tomato paste mixed with about 3/4 cup or so of water
Soy sauce (or tamari sauce), to taste - optional


The trick to stir frying is to have all your ingredients chopped and ready to throw in beforehand. Make sure all your vegetables (and meats) are cut into small, bite-sized pieces and are relatively uniform in size.

You can use a wok that has been heated with about a tablespoon of a good quality cooking oil or any large pan. I like to use my non-stick large frying pan because it is so easy to clean up afterwards.

Heat the pan to medium-high heat with your cooking oil, and add your onions and garlic, stirring while it cooks for a few minutes. Take care not to let the garlic burn.

Add in your meat, continuing to stir while it cooks. Next add in the vegetable(s) that take the longest to cook, such as carrots or celery. Stir for a couple of minutes more. Add in any remaining vegetables, stirring in each as they start cooking.

Once everything has started to cook, add in your liquids, including any soy sauce, stir it around, and close the lid for a couple of minutes, allowing the vegetables to finish cooking. Don't overcook - the idea is that the vegetables will retain their color and some crispness.

If you like a thicker "sauce", you can also add in for the last few minutes a tablespoon of corn starch mixed in a small amount of water, and combine it with the ingredients in the pan or wok. Cook for another couple of minutes.

Try varying it with different meats and vegetables for new flavors. Also, you can have on hand some of the pre-bottled stir-fry sauces from your "International Foods" aisle in your grocery store, such as Stir-Fry Sauce, Kung Pao Sauce, Teriaki Sauce, etc. for a more authentic Chinese food flavor.

Happy eating all - and happy crafting!



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