Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Your Favorite Color?

What color do you naturally gravitate to when you go clothes shopping or go into your closet to select what you are going to wear for the day? How about the colors that you decorate your home with? How does your favorite color make you feel? When you spend a lot of time in a room that is painted in a color that you do not like, how do you feel?

I know that in general my favorite color is purple - all shades of it. From the coolest pale lavender to the deepest juicy grape! I don't know why exactly. It just is. It makes me feel happy and confident. I feel connected when I wear purple.

Color and its effect on our moods and emotions has been studied extensively. I am sure you could find a "scientific" explanation for how and why different colors affect people. This is not such an article. In fact, I don't really care why. As an artist, I just feel the effects and love to play with color.

I love bright clear colors. I love soft, muted, smoky colors. I love it all! If you are like me and adore lots of color, isn't this the best time of year? Spring brings out Nature's best colors - the beginning, soft hues in her garden. Promises of what's to come as the weather warms up and more and more flowers and plants come alive with new growth.

Here at Artfire Cafemom Team, we are busy creating lots of luscious new colors in our hand-made art and crafts. Here are some examples.

Thanks! Enjoy your spring colors! And if you want quality and uniqueness, always buy Hand-Made. Just go to and search for "Artfire Cafemom Team" .


Jazzy Jemz said...

I love the look of the dichotic glass! Purple is my favorite too!

Kelsey said...

Awesome pictures! I love how all the colors compliment each other and make me think spring!

Julia said...

Green with just about any other color. In my house I have lots of green, but I also have purple and yellow. Beautiful springy things.

Creations With Heart said...

Love the Glitter Dichroic Bracelet! It's so pretty! :)