Friday, April 3, 2009

Mom Behind the Shop: Bows For Baby

This week's Mom Behind the Shop is Bows For Baby , aka Kelsey. Kelsey is sponsoring a giveaway of an adorable hand crocheted children's beanie (you pick the size). Click here for the giveaway.

Here we asked Kelsey some questions to get to know her:

What kinds of items do you sell: I sell hair bows, pacifier clips, hand crochet beanies and hand crochet booties.

Who are you ???
I am a 26 year old army wife, FT college student and mother to one energetic 2 year old! I grew up in Minnesota and have been an army wife for the past 4 years. Before this we were stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana and moved to Alaska in July of 2008.

What made you get into your craft:
I knew that when my daughter was born that I would be spending a fortune on hair bows and accessories. I have always had a knack for crafty things, so I thought I would try crafting my own. I actually got the idea from a friend of mine who was in the same playgroup as I was back in Louisiana. She dabbled in it herself and showed me the basics. I took an instant liking to it and worked hard on perfecting my style. It took be about a year to really feel like I had something worth selling. Once I started getting compliments on my daughter's bows and when people started asking where I bought them, that's when I decided I should sell them. I really like making hair bows and there's no better feeling than seeing your creations being worn and enjoyed by someone else.

This past December my mother in law came to visit our family over the holidays. She herself is a very crafty person, always making quilts, knitting and crocheting. I had wanted to learn to crochet for a while because I thought hand crochet accessories would add a little variety to my shop. It took me about a month to really catch on. The beanies have been a big hit since skull caps are so very fashionable at the moment.

Tips for online businesses: It took a lot of trial and error for me. I know that pictures say a thousand words, so I've been working REALLY hard on taking pictures that will catch a potential customer's eye. Descriptions are a must as well. Customers like to know what their buying, so the more detailed the better. I also found that selling hair bows is a very competitive craft and that having unique items or items that are one of a kind sell better. Customer service is always a first priority. If you have a good relationship with a first time customer, the likelihood of them being a repeat customer skyrockets. And my last tip is to just be patient. Take notes from sellers that are doing well, but don't copy them. Make something your own, make it unique so that it stands out.

Tips for moms : Don't overdo yourself. You need me time too.

What is your favorite place to visit:
Minnesota! I never realized how much I loved that state until I moved away. :) My family and friends are there so it's hard to be so far away from them.

Your comfort food: Korean food! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Korean food. I was adopted from Korea when I was 3 months old, but I grew up learning about my heritage. I went to a camp when I was young and we were served Korean food for lunch everyday, and that's when I got hooked. :) I craved Korean when I was pregnant, but there wasn't a decent place in the small town where I lived, so I SUFFERED.

If you were able to do anything in the world
, what would it be and why: Travel. I would love to just take a year off and travel. I've been wanting to visit Korea, just to see where I was born. I would also love to travel all over Europe and eat the different cuisines!!!!

Click on the photos to see some items from my shop:

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