Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom Behind the Shop: TRPottery

This week we are hosting a giveaway by our lovely TR Pottery. So we decided to interview her to find out more about this giving mom in our Artfire Cafemom Team. So here is a bit about this talented mom!

Your shop url:

What kinds of items do you sell: I sell polymer clay and mixed media jewelry and accessories

Who are you (kids, family, education, hobbies etc): I am a professional potter/ceramic artist and a stay-at-home mom with a degree in elementary education (my life, like my work, is very eclectic). I have one daughter who is 3 and a half. I teach clay classes for kids at home and adult education classes at different community centers. My clay work has been exhibited all over the United States. Right now I’m working on a line of leafy pottery for a show in June. I’m just crazy enough with all that on my plate to be working on a separate business in a separate medium.

What made you get into your craft: I started playing around with polymer clay so that I could use it in one of the child clay and 3-D art classes that I teach in my home. It quickly became an obsession and soon decided to open a separate shop just for my polymer clay work. Tips for online businesses: I’ve found it’s important to list new things often. I also promote my polymer clay work on my blog at and I twitter about new products and what’s going on in my life here:

Tips for moms: Naptime and/or preschool time is sacred. Whenever my little one is away or sleeping, I try to drop everything and get to work. This gives me a solid chunk of time to concentrate on my work and to get things done. Now that my daughter is getting older, I’ve also had her start doing activities with me. If I need to work on polymer clay while she’s up, I’ll give her a big chunk to make her own things out of. When I need to work in my ceramic studio, I bring her along. She loves taking a bucket of water and a sponge and sponging things down. This often ends up making a bigger mess than before with water and clay everywhere, but we’re both happy.

What is your favorite place to visit: There’s a frozen yogurt shop in town where you self-serve and pick your own toppings. They always have good fresh fruit. That is my favorite place to visit—by myself, with my daughter, with a friend.

Your comfort food: There’s a frozen yogurt shop in town….

If you were able to do anything in the world, what would it be and why: I’ve just applied for graduate school. I want to get into the Fine Arts/Ceramics program. It’s a very competitive program. They only take two new students a year. So although it sounds very practical and not incredibly exciting, if I could do anything, I would get into this program and do graduate work in ceramics. I would eventually like to teach at the college level and I’m geeking out at the chance to explore the medium more in depth with several different firing methods available.

Favorite 3 items in your shop- Clicking on items takes you to the item in TRPottery's shop

Mr Snail Bracelet

Coming up Rosy Earrings
Easter Egg Post Earrings

You can see some of TRPottery's other medium- ceramic, here: